Retired Greyhounds Canterbury

Retired Greyhounds Canterbury homes greyhounds that have retired from racing

registered charity, No. 1190386

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Retired Greyhounds Canterbury find loving homes for greyhounds that have retired from racing, mainly at Central Park Sittingbourne.

Greyhounds make wonderful pets because they are generally lazy and like nothing better than to sleep all day, interspersed with a couple of twenty minute walks.

They are known as 40 mile an hour couch potatoes for this reason.

Our kennels are open seven days a week, give the kennels a call to arrange to meet one of these lovely hounds.

Take a look on our website or Facebook page and see who is available and if we have any events taking place.

There are generally walks each month with other greyhound owners and take place at Botany Bay Broadstairs, Rainham Country Park, Mote Park and Lullingstone.


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