17billion charitable trust

17billion charity www.17billion.org contains the world's population. Seeks donors 544119 56254164 volunteers Email: 17ThousandMillion@gmail.com

17billion charitable trust www.17billion.org seeks to halt the world’s exponentially growing population, now 8 billion. Seeks donors  [54-41-19  56254164] a Chief Fundraiser, CEO, Patron, trustees, and several volunteers to deliver leaflets. Email: 17ThousandMillion@gmail.com

The September 2022 population census in Tanzania has revealed that Tanzania’s population has risen by 27.3% in just 10 years. Very worrying for us … but seemingly not worrying for the government of Tanzania, which says and does nothing about it. Google our website www.17billion.org to see more, and / donate / apply / volunteer.

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