Weald Wine Society

Venue : Bearsted Golf Club, Ware St, Maidstone ME14 4PQ Meetings :The third Tuesday of the month at 8pm Contact: John Warren, Membership secretary johnwdirect@gmail.com Membership : Membership is open Membership Fee : £30 per year Cost of Events : We contribute £10 to the cost of the wine on the evening. Guests are welcome, paying £15.00 as a contribution toward the costs, with the additional £5 refundable if they join on the night
The annual BBQ, Christmas Dinner and outings are arranged separately and costs are kept to a minimum Typical Attendance : 25-30
The Society was founded in 1975 to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of wine. We have been meeting regularly in the Maidstone area for forty years.
The group is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. We benefit from having some outstanding speakers who typically introduce 6 wines. Many work within the wine trade, others are experienced tasters and wine educators. The wines tasted are often grouped by a theme such as varietal, region or producer.
Participation and discussion are encouraged as we listen to the speaker and taste the wines.
Members have varied degrees of knowledge from a near novice to members with a greater depth of understanding that are willing to chat and share their experiences.
Members bring their own glasses and some also bring biscuits and cheese as well.

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